Animali Domestici

Andrea Branzi

Design: 1985
Production: since 1985
Manufacturer: Zabro s.r.I., Milan
Size: 95 x 60 x 65; seat height 45 cms
Material: varnished wood, birch wood

“Animali Domestici” (pets) is a series of furniture and garments designed by Andrea Branzi and his wife, Nicoletta, in order to nurture the domestic sphere anew in keeping with future demands. According to Branzi, a large part of our life and work will take place at home. As the germ cell of social and urban life, the home is taking on ever greater importance, and new developments in telecommunications will help shape our notion of the world from within the home. Various individual and social cultures are thus drafting a new language which is multifaceted and ephemeral, yet common to us all, similar to the idiom that already exists in pop music. Branzi terms the objects he has designed for the new culture of the private sphere “Animali Domestici”– for they are to be understood as pets, living beings from a foreign yet related world. As hybrids of archetypal materials and anonymous industrial goods, a combination of Arte Povera and precision design, they lend their very own expression to the search for possible ways to combine technical feasibility and respect for nature. MSC

Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi Animali Domestici