Giancarlo Piretti

born 1940 Bologna, Italy

Degree in art education from the Bologna Art Academy;
subsequently taught interior design at the same institution for seven years while simultaneously working as a furniture designer for Castelli
1971received the SMAU prize for the “Plia” chair
1973Gute Form award by the German Design Council, Darmstadt
1975advisory member of the ISIA Design College, Florence
1980National Industrial Design Award, United States
1984-6worked for Castilia, a subsidiary of Castelli
1988presented the “Piretti Collection,” a seating system manufactured in the United States, Italy, Japan, Korea, Israel, Singapore, Venezuela, and Argentina
1991eceived the Compasso d’oro
1994Roscoe Award (U.S.) and G Mark (Japan) for the “Xylon” chair series
Giancarlo Piretti works as furniture and industrial designer.