Harry Bertoia

born 1915 San Lorenzo, Italy
died 1978 Bally, USA

1930emigrated to the United States
until 1936studied at the Cass Technical College in Detroit; active in jewelry design and painting
1937 - 43received a scholar– ship to the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, where he founded and directed the metal workshop
1943moved to California along with Charles and Ray Eames;
assisted with their experiments in molding laminated wood for leg splints and aircraft components;
designed acoustic sculptures made of wire
1950returned to Pennsylvania on invitation from Knoll;
designed a series of wire chairs for Knoll;
wire sculptures for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology chapel
1953consultant for Knoll, otherwise active only as a sculptor
1956eceived the American Institute of Architects’ Craftsmanship Medal;
further distinctions and lecturing positions

Harry Bertoia saw himself first and foremost as a sculptor, although he brought his metalworking expertise to bear on areas of the applied arts.
Herry Bertoia Portrait