Michele De Lucchi

born 1951 Ferrara, Italy

1969-75studied architecture in Ferrara and at the Florence Art College
1973established the Cavart group
1976-77assistant in the Department of Architecture at the University of Florence
1976set up the Architetture e altri Piaceri studio in Florence
1977moved to Milan
1979design consultant for Olivetti
1980participated in the group Studio Alchimia
1981cofounder of Memphis
1983presented a prefabricated house at the Milan Triennial
1986established Solid, a group of young designers in Milan; along with Giancarlo Fassina designed the “Tolomeo” lamp
as of 1986instructor at the Domus Academy in Milan; designed office and apartment buildings
1987taught at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan
1990founds Produzione Privata” for the design of products based on handicraft techniques

1991won the competition to redesign the Deutsche Bank branch offices
1991-93 participated in the “Citizen Office” project for the Vitra Design Museum
1992-2002design director of the company Olivetti
2002honoured by the Italian Republic for his contributions to design and architecture
since 2001professor at the IUAV in Venice
2006honorary doctorate from Kingston University for his contributions to quality of life
since 2008professor at the Politecnico Milan and member of Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome
Until the eighties, Michele De Lucchi was involved in experiments in the area of ‘New Design’;
today, he is one of Italy’s most successful architects, theorists, and industrial designers.
Le Lucchi Portrait