Toshiyuki Kita

born 1942 Osaka, Japan

Prior to 1964studied industrial design at Namiwa College in Osaka;
opened his own studio for industrial and furniture design
1969moved to Italy;
worked in the studios of Mario Bellini and Silvio Coppola, as well as at Bernini and Cassina
1977 and 1979solo exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka
1981received the Kitaro Kunii Industrial Design Award
1987participated in the exhibition “Les avant-gardes de la fin du XXème siècle” at the Centre Georges Pompidou
1989designed a multipurpose hall for the Sony Center in Tokyo
2001“L'anima del design” exhibition in Milan exhibition at the Museum of Art and Industry, Hamburg
2007“IL FUTURO DELLA TRADIZIONE” exhibition at the Salone del Mobile in Milan
2009“KITA. FUTURA DELIGHT” exhibition in Milan
2011receives the “Compasso d'oro”, Italy

Toshiyuki Kita is active in industrial and furniture design. He is considered one of Japan’s “most European” designers.
Toshiyuki Kita Portrait