»Objects of Desire:
Surrealism and Design«

Interview with Mateo Kries
and Tanja Cunz
September 2019




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30 Years:
Vitra Design Museum

Speeches by Mateo Kries,
Marc Zehntner and Rolf Fehlbaum
6 September 2019




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»Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg:
Better Nature«

Interview with
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
July 2019




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»Balkrishna Doshi:
Architecture for the People«

Interview with
Balkrishna Doshi
about his work




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Conference in Milan:
»The Politics of Design«

As part of
Milan Design Week 2019
10 April 2019




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»Balkrishna Doshi:
Architecture for the People«

Opening Talk with Balkrishna Doshi and Philip Ursprung
29 March 2019




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»Lake Verea:
Paparazza Moderna«

Interview with Carla Verea and Francisca Rivero-Lake
February 2019




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»Victor Papanek:
The Politics of Design«

Opening Talk
with Jan Boelen, Alison J. Clarke, Amelie Klein and Lucy Orta
28 September 2018



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»Christien Meindertsma: Beyond the Surface«

Interview with
Christien Meindertsma
August 2018




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»Ron Arad: Yes to the Uncommon!«

Opening Talk by Ron Arad
»Whats and Ifs«
7 June 2018




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»Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine«

Interview with Matthias Gommel, robotlab
May 2017




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»Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine«

Opening Talk with Bruce Sterling
10 February 2017





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»Radical Design #5: Guy Julier«

Interview with Guy Julier
29 April 2016


»Radical Design #4: Jurgen Bey«

Interview with Jurgen Bey
12 April 2016


»Radical Design #3: Axel Iberti«

Interview with Axel Iberti
14 April 2016


»Radical Design #2: Alison Clarke«

Interview with Alison Clarke
4 May 2016


»Radical Design #1: Jerszy Seymour«

Interview with Jerszy Seymour
13 April 2016


»Architecture as Mass Media«

Talk with Beatriz Colomina
14 July 2016





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»Designmuseum 2.0«

Talk with Martin Roth and Christoph Thun-Hohenstein
30 June 2016


»The Schaudepot – A New Design Venue«

Opening Talk with Herzog & de Meuron
3 June 2016


»Starting from Nature«

Lecture by Shigeru Ban
10 Oct 2014


»When I saw Aaltos buildings,
I was shocked«

Interview with Alvaro Siza

»Konstantin Grcic – Panorama«

Virtual Tour with Konstantin Grcic
20 March 2014

»The notion of industrial design has changed...«

Opening Talk with Konstantin Grcic
21 March 2014

»In future, light might not need any electricity.«

Video to the Opening Talk with Rogier van der Heide
27 Sep 2013

Simón Vélez – A rural Architect

Video about the Colombian architect 2009

»Louis Kahn – The Power of Architecture«

Virtual Tour with the curator Jochen Eisenbrand 23 Feb 2013

»The artist is still here«

Video to the Opening Talk with Nathaniel Kahn and Stanislaus von Moos
22 Feb 2013

Never Mind the Mainstream

Video to the symposium in Milan
18 Apr 2012

»Houses are spatialised immune systems.«

Peter Sloterdijk under discussion
14 Oct 2011