BEGIN:VCALENDAR METHOD:PUBLISH PRODID:-// iCalcreator 2.6// VERSION:2.0 X-WR-TIMEZONE:Europe/Berlin BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20240222T012040Z CATEGORIES:Ausstellung DESCRIPTION:Vitra Design Museum\nWith the exhibition »Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design«\, running from 29 September 2018 to 10 March 2019\, t he Vitra Design Museum will present the first large retrospective focussin g on the designer\, author\, and activist Victor J. Papanek (1923–1998). Papanek was one of the twentieth century’s most influential pioneers of a socially and ecologically oriented approach to design beginning in the 1960s. His key work\, »Design for the Real World« (1971)\, remains the m ost widely read book about design ever published. In it\, Papanek makes a plea for inclusion\, social justice\, and sustainability – themes of gre ater relevance for today’s design than ever before. The exhibition inclu des high-value exhibits such as drawings\, objects\, films\, manuscripts\, and prints\, some of which have never before been presented. These are co mplemented by works of Papanek’s contemporaries from the 1960s to 1980s\ , including George Nelson\, Richard Buckminster Fuller\, Marshall McLuhan\ , or the radical design initiative »Global Tools«. Contemporary works fr om the areas of critical and social design provide insight into Papanek’ s lasting impact.\nMore\n \n Image:\n Key visual for the exhibition\n »Vi ctor Papanek: The Politics of Design« by Daniel Streat\, Visual Fields\n © Vitra Design Museum\, 2018 DTSTART:20180929T000000 DTEND:20190311T000000 LOCATION:Vitra Design Museum SUMMARY:Ausstellung - Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR