BEGIN:VCALENDAR METHOD:PUBLISH PRODID:-// iCalcreator 2.6// VERSION:2.0 X-WR-TIMEZONE:Europe/Berlin BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTAMP:20201128T135018Z CATEGORIES:Ausstellung DESCRIPTION: Vitra Design Museum Gallery\nNot all objects are designed by p rofessional designers. Many authorless everyday objects have continuously evolved in their form\, function and materiality over the centuries. Some changed only in detail\, others underwent rapid modifications triggered by social\, political or technological upheavals. Fascinated by the processe s that shape and change everyday objects\, the French design collective » Collections Typologie« explores the history\, production\, and formal lan guage of objects such as wine bottles\, cork stoppers\, or the metal balls used in boules or pétanque. The exhibition »Typology: An Ongoing Study of Everyday Items« at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery presents the result s of their research\, including their newest work on wooden crates. The co llective's unique perspective invites us to take a fresh look at previousl y ignored parts of our object culture and encourages us to question our re lationship to everyday objects – especially in the light of current deba tes on resource consumption and lifestyle choices.\n\nMore\n\nImage: \nCol lections Typologie and Anniina Koivu\, Typologie – the cork stopper and the wine bottle\, 2019 © Francesco Carreda DTSTART:20191207T000000 DTEND:20210125T000000 LOCATION:Vitra Design Museum SUMMARY:Ausstellung - Typology: An Ongoing Study of Everyday Items END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR