Basel Museum Night: Material Matters!

Friday, 18 January 2019, 6 pm - 2 am
Vitra Design Museum & Vitra Schaudepot

Whether biodegradable plastic, aerospace proven carbon fibre, or laminated papier-mâché: an infinite number of materials are used in design! During Museum Night 2019, Vitra Campus is transformed into an open laboratory, where material can be experienced in an exceptional manner. Workshops, special tours, and events invite visitors to experiment with lighting designer Matthias Singer, project materials onto factory buildings or experience unusual materials at the temporary presentation »125 cm³ MATERIAL« at the Vitra Schaudepot Lab. 

6 pm – 1 am
Light laboratory on the Vitra factory premises (DE/EN/FR)
Workshop with German lighting designer Matthias Singer, where visitors can experiment with different materials and project their designs onto the factory buildings, creating an open-air light installation on the Vitra Campus and factory premises.

6 pm – 1 am 
Black light structures in the workshop building (DE/EN/FR)
During this workshop, visitors will experience a new perspective on materials and their structures through neon chalk, frottage technique and black light.

6 pm – 2 am
»125 cm³ MATERIAL« (DE/EN/FR)
Co-organized by the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart (HFT), visitors to the temporary presentation »125 cm³ MATERIAL«  at the Vitra Schaudepot Lab can handle materials and learn more about this research project from Prof. Lutz Dickmann, Faculty of Architecture and Design at the HFT Stuttgart.  

10 pm, Midnight
Lantern tour: Bouroullec & Schütte (EN)
The tour with lanterns on the way introduces the Blockhaus, Ring and Ruisseau on the Vitra Campus.
Meeting point: Vitra Design Museum, reception

10:30 pm
Curator tour: Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design (EN)
Victor Papanek was one of the twentieth century's most influential pioneers of a socially and ecologically oriented approach to design beginning in the 1960s.
Meeting point: Vitra Design Museum, reception

11 pm, 1 am
Focus Tour: Material (EN)
An infinite number of materials are used in design! In this tour it’s all about unusual materials.
Meeting point: Vitra Design Museum, reception

Basel Museum Night is an event by museen basel and the Division of Cultural Affairs, Canton of Basel-Stadt. On 18 January 2019, 36 museums and cultural institutions will offer an extensive programme from 6 pm to 2 am:

Tickets for the Museum Night can be bought at Vitra Design Museum.