Hello, Robot.
Design between Human and Machine

Exhibition programme


»Hello, Robot.« – Guided tour at the Vitra Design Museum
Starting from 1 October 2022: Regular tours in German
on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
1 pm, Vitra Design Museum

Tours in English upon request
Inquiries and bookings: info@design-museum.de


Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine
OPENING (EN) | 23 September 2022
6 pm, Fire Station
7 pm, Vitra Design Museum

The Vitra Design Museum’s most successful exhibition ever is back – and even more relevant than before. »Hello, Robot: Design between Human and Machine« shows important strides in robotics and what ethical and social questions it raises. The opening talk, hosted by curator Amelie Klein, gives first insights into the exhibition and its topics. Her guests are the architect and researcher Gilles Retsin (programme director at the University College London’s Architectural Design March), and Ariana Dongus, a media scientist who specialises in labour issues linked to machine intelligence and biometric data. Following the talk, please join us at the Vitra Design Museum to celebrate the exhibition opening.

Free admission, registration: events@design-museum.de

Dating Data in the Digital Era – Karen Lancel and Éva Ostrowska
TALK (EN) | 3 November 2022
6 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Every Emoji, every WhatsApp message, every »Like« on Instagram, and every left or right swipe on Tinder influences our social behaviours and relationships. Artist and researcher Karen Lancel from Lancel/Maat explores embodiment, empathy, and intimacy as well as isolation and estrangement in (non-)human interactions. Meanwhile, Eva Ostrowska, artist and designer, uses traditional weaving methods to criticise social dynamics and relationships in a digital era from a feminist perspective. Join the conversation on how technology and framed data collected from the interpretation of intimate connections affect human interactions and social behaviours.

Free admission, registration: events@design-museum.de

Reading the Robots
SPECIAL (DE) | 13 November 2022
3–5 pm, Vitra Design Museum

A true friend, a trusted servant, a superhero that saves the world, or an amusing bunch of scrap: robots in children’s books play many different roles. During this afternoon reading party, visitors big and small can ensconce themselves among the exhibits and listen to a live reading of funny, thoughtful, and informative robot stories for children aged four to ten.

No extra charge for the reading party; admission to the museum is free for children under 12

Living with Artificial Intelligence – Kate Crawford and Guy Hoffman
DIGITAL TALK (EN) | 26 January 2023
6 pm, YouTube

Artificial Intelligence – AI for short – increasingly shapes our world. Leading scholar Kate Crawford has studied the social, political, and ecological implications of AI. Her book »Atlas of AI« addresses its development as well as the situation of low-wage information workers and the mining of data from social and individual actions and utterances. Together with Guy Hoffman, researcher in robotics and human-robot interaction, she will discuss the risks and advantages that AI and robots can bring to our lives. 


Robotic Architecture and its Materials – Mareike Gast and Matthias Kohler
TALK (DE) | 16 February 2023
6 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Given the breakthroughs in 3D printing and digital manufacturing, what will the future of architecture look like? Matthias Kohler from Gramazio Kohler Research explains how robots can create architecture and why they often use new, sustainable building materials. Industrial designer Mareike Gast’s work and research focus on new materials and technologies. Together they will discuss the future role that new materials produced or processed by robots or other innovative technologies may play in design and architecture.

Free admission, registration: events@design-museum.de


Family Workshop: Electric Creatures (DE)
Saturday | 5 November 2022 | 4 February 2023
10:30 am, Vitra Schaudepot

We often imagine robots as cold and forbidding metal machines, but they can also be cheeky or cuddly. In this workshop, under the guidance of textile designer Sophie Kellner, we will create a fantasy creature out of fabric and other materials that responds to touch via a soft circuit. The workshops will be held in German.

€ 75.00 per person, children (9–12 years) may accompany their parents free of charge; children 13 and older may participate with or without parents, reduced price: € 45.00

You can find all information on the exhibition here.