Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors

Exhibition programme


Guided tour »Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors«

Regular tours in German on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
(starting on 15 February)
11.30 am, Vitra Design Museum

Tours in English upon request, inquiries and bookings: info@design-museum.de

Children's workshops »Pretty Cozy!«
Workshops in German on the following Sundays: 08.03., 19.04., 03.05., 07.06.2020,
2:30 pm, Vitra Design Museum
Minimum attendance: 5 children
Registration required at least seven days before the tour.

Tours in English upon request, inquiries and bookings: info@design-museum.de


How to Live?
Johanna Agerman Ross, Arno Brandlhuber and Joseph Grima
in conversation with Jochen Eisenbrand
OPENING TALK (EN) | 7 February 2020

6 pm, Fire Station

To mark the opening of the exhibition »Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors«, curator Jochen Eisenbrand will talk with Johanna Agerman Ross, curator at the V&A and founder and director of design journal Disegno, as well as architect Arno Brandlhuber and Joseph Grima, Creative Director of the Design Academy Eindhoven. They will discuss key questions raised by the exhibition and concerning interior design in general: How are we influenced by the interiors we live in? What are the challenges confronting interior designers today? And what are the marks of a good interior, anyway?
Free admission, registration required by 31 January at events@design-museum.de

Ilse Crawford – The Interior as a Collage?
TALK (EN) | 20 February 2020
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

The British interior designer Ilse Crawford has had a significant influence on contemporary interiors. Her designs famously include »Soho House« in New York and the »Ett Hem« hotel in Stockholm, but she also created concepts for Airbnb. Crawford’s work is characterized by her nuanced use of colours and textiles and an eclectic approach to styles and epochs yielding warm, welcoming environments. In her talk, she will discuss her work as an interior designer.
Free admission

Interior Design or DIY? How Interiors Are Made
TALK (DE) | 19 March 2020 
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Nowadays it is rare for domestic interiors to be designed by a professional – in the era of IKEA and Pinterest we can all be interior design experts. How has this development affected our private interiors? Host Oliver Herwig will speak with interior designers Ester Bruzkus and Peter Greenberg, designer Van Bo Le-Mentzel, who developed the famous »Hartz IV Furniture« series and Enie van de Meiklokjes, presenter of a home makeover reality TV show.
Free admission

Koolhaas Houselife
Film screening and talk with film directors Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine
SPECIAL (EN) | 26 March 2020
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

The »House in Bordeaux« (1998) is one of leading contemporary architect Rem Koolhaas’s most important works. In their film »Koolhaas Houselife« (2013), directors and artists Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine meticulously document the house's architecture and interiors – from a housekeeper’s perspective. One of the best-known architecture films of the last decades, their work offers a subversive and amusing homage revealing both the harmony and the clashes between architecture and reality. The directors will be present to introduce their work before screening; popcorn will be provided.
Free admission, registration: events@design-museum.de

Edwin Heathcote – The Meaning of Home
TALK (EN) | 9 April 2020
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Edwin Heathcote is the design and architecture critic of the »Financial Times« and author of a number of books about architecture and design. In »The Meaning of Home«, he examines the semiotic history of interior architecture and the symbolism of domestic objects. In his talk, Heathcote will draw on mythology, film, and psychoanalysis while searching for clues to the meaning of the places we live in.
Free admission

Private or Public? Interiors and the Media
TALK (EN) | 30 April 2020
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Ranging from glossy magazines like »House Beautiful« or »Apartamento« to social media platforms publicizing the private, media play a central role in the emergence and spread of interior design trends. How do media impact our personal taste? Do they foster variety, or do they serve, mostly, to boost the turnover of the furniture industry? How much influence do »influencers« and bloggers really have on today’s interior design? These are the questions Nacho Alegre, photographer and co-founder of »Apartamento«, Antje Wewer, lifestyle journalist and editor for the »Salon« magazine, and Oliver Jahn, editor-in-chief of the journal »AD«, will discuss. The talk will be hosted by curator Jochen Eisenbrand.
Free admission

»Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors«
10 am, Vitra Design Museum

Curator Jochen Eisenbrand guides visitors through the exhibition »Home Stories«, explaining its fundamental idea, background, preparation, and development.
€ 10.00 per person

Sabine Marcelis – Fashioning the Interior
TALK (EN) | 4 June 2020
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

The Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis is one of the shooting stars of the design scene. Her poetically purist style is characterized by colours and transparent materials which she combines in pieces of furniture, installations, lamps, and commercial interiors. One of her best-known designs is »Dawn Lights« (2015), a series of lamps for which Marcelis drew inspiration from the natural light of early morning. In her talk, Marcelis will discuss her design approach and her work as a designer of objects and interiors.
Free admission

Adam Nathaniel Furman – Joyful Deviance!
TALK (EN) | 16 July 2020
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Breaking with the conventions of interior design, the London based artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman describes his spaces as being filled with passion, wit, and queerness. Furman’s opulent, extravagant spaces and objects show the influences of pop and postmodernism as well as integrating colourful folk art elements. Furman will talk about his work and his inspiration and discuss contemporary trends and developments in interior design.
Free admission

The Dandy Dinner
Exhibition Tour and Dinner in the Style of Cecil Beaton
SPECIAL (DE) | 1 August 2020
6 pm, Vitra Design Museum

The English interior designer, stage designer, and socialite Cecil Beaton was a notorious dandy, one of the Bright Young Things startling 1920s London. The exhibition »Home Stories« also presents the extravagant interior of his home, which became an icon of interior design. The evening begins with a tour of the exhibition and fascinating insights into the world of Cecil Beaton, followed by a stylish dinner at the Depot Deli. Enjoy the tasty offerings of American and English cuisine, accompanied by strains of music from the 1920s and 30s!
€ 65.00 per person
Registration here

Finissage: Tell me how you live and I will tell you who you are!
SPECIAL (DE) | 23 August 2020
6 pm, Fire Station

Our home is the mirror of our personality. Taking this truism literally, we will mark the end of the exhibition »Home Stories« with a playful blend of psychoanalysis, home makeover consultation, and platform debate. Two expert professionals will analyse images of interiors and domestic objects which guests can submit prior to the event or bring along to it. If you are interested in an analysis, please send photos of your home to events@design-museum.de prior to 25 July. Spatial psychologist Uwe Linke and Till Weber, Creative Director VitraHaus, will conduct a strict (or humorous) analysis of your home. To recover from all these Jungian insights, we will conclude the evening with drinks and music.
Free admission

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Key Visual for the exhibition »Home Stories«, Illustration: Daniel Streat, Visual Fields, © Vitra Design Museum; Lina Bo Bardi, Casa de Vidro, São Paulo, 1952, © Instituto Bardi / photo: Francisco Albuquerque