Vitra Design Museum
open until 1 November 2020, 5 pm

The Vitra Campus is open to visitors from noon to 5 pm daily. This applies to the current exhibitions of the Vitra Design Museum, the VitraHaus as well as the shops in the museum, Vitra Schaudepot and VitraHaus. The VitraHaus Café offers hot meals daily from 12 to 5 pm. The Depot Deli is open from 10 am to 3 pm and serves a variety of internationally inspired delicacies.

Hygiene and safety measure still apply, please find detailed information below. 


In German, daily
     > 12:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot
     > 1:30 pm, Vitra Design Museum (Frank Gehry building)

In English, daily
     > 2 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

In French
On every Friday, and every first weekend of the month (Saturdays and Sundays) as well as on these holidays: 1 November, 25 and 26 December 2020, and 1 January 2021
     > 2:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

GUIDED TOURS (in German)

Guided tour through »Home Stories: 100 Years, 20 Visionary Interiors«

Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 
3 pm, Vitra Design Museum

Guided Tour through the Vitra Schaudepot »Highlights from the Collection«
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays 
1 pm, Vitra Schaudepot 


Comprehensive safety and hygiene concepts have been implemented in accordance with governmental regulations and in consultation with a medical task force, in order to provide maximum protection for campus visitors and employees, while still offering an optimal experience of design and architecture.

Responsible behaviour of our guests: Wash your hands thoroughly, keep social distancing in mind (min. 1,5 meter), please stay at home if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, don’t shake hands, use your elbow if you need to sneeze or cough etc.

Face masks are required in all public open spaces on the Vitra Campus and buildings such as the Vitra Design Museum, Vitra Schaudepot, the Vitra Design Museum, and the VitraHaus, this also applies to guided tours and workshops (Disposable masks can be provided).

Spit protection has been installed at all receptions, cash registers, and shops on Campus.

Floor markings and information points help to guide guests.

Payment with debit or credit card is preferred (cash payments are still possible).

Lockers are not available for the time being, there’s only a limited capacity to store coats and jackets.

Maximum number of guests in public buildings and during guided tours and workshops:
   > Max. 50 guests at the Vitra Design Museum (Frank Gehry building)
   > Max. 8 guests at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery
   > Max. 50 guests at the Vitra Schaudepot
   > Max. 20 guests at the shop of VitraHaus
   > Max. 19 participants (and 1 guide) during guided tours outdoors
   > Max. 10 participants (and 1 guide) during guided tours indoors
   > Max. 10 participants (and 1 workshop leader) during workshops

All hygiene and safety concepts that serve to ensure the safety of employees and visitors are continuously evaluated and updated in order to be able to offer you the best possible experience in the Vitra Design Museum while taking all precautionary measures.