Maker Library – Drop-in Workshop / SPECIAL (EN/DE)

Folding is a method of converting materials from 2D to 3D, and it occurs autonomously in biology for example in proteins, flower petals, bird wings or tree leaves.
In this workshops, architect and maker librarian Allison Dring from elegant embellishments invites visitors to experiment with self-folding polymers using plastic sheets, black ink and infrared (IR) light.  Workshop participants of all ages will use ink to determine the material behaviour of the polymer as it reacts to light, and will experiment with existing, or evolve new techniques for the self-assembly of objects.

Allison Dring is an architect and co-founder of elegant embellishments: an architectural start-up, investigating new materials and methods for the modification of existing buildings and spaces. These modifications are used to “tune” buildings, converting previously inert surfaces into active surfaces that can meet new architectural criteria.
Allison has an interdisciplinary background ranging from large-scaled architectural projects to design research and production. She is particularly interested in the potential of design to meet developing technologies at an architectural scale.

The workshop will be held in English and German, is open to all ages and free or charge. No registration is necessary, just come by!