Energyscapes: Christine von Raven, Matthias Böttger & Philipp Misselwitz
TALK (DE) | 27 June 2024
6.30 pm, Conference Pavilion

Energyscapes emerge where energy is part of our urban, rural, and natural landscapes. Beyond visible energy infrastructures like power stations, wind farms, or solar panels, the term also refers to the invisible energy flows passing through buildings and includes distribution networks as well as renewable energy sources. Our special guests this evening are three leading architecture and energy experts who will share and discuss their different perspectives: Matthias Böttger is a curator, architect and professor at the Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW. With his office raumtaktik, he works on spatial reconnaissance and interventions in the fields of landscape architecture, architecture and urban planning.; climate engineer and integral planner Christine von Raven develops and implements resilient urban planning projects; and Professor Philipp Misselwitz is an architect and urban researcher with a focus on the effects of socio-ecological crises on architecture and urban planning who develops new, systemic approaches for climate-positive and circular building.

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