Living with Artificial Intelligence – Kate Crawford and Guy Hoffman
DIGITAL TALK (EN) | 26 January 2023
6 pm, YouTube

Artificial Intelligence – AI for short – increasingly shapes our world. Leading scholar Kate Crawford has studied the social, political, and ecological implications of AI. Her book »Atlas of AI« addresses its development as well as the situation of low-wage information workers and the mining of data from social and individual actions and utterances. Together with Guy Hoffman, researcher in robotics and human-robot interaction, she will discuss the risks and advantages that AI and robots can bring to our lives.

About Style and Attitude: Learning Design
TALK (EN) | 2 February 2023
6 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

How best to teach design today? This is the question addressed in »The ECAL Manual of Style: How to best teach design today«, an exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery that presents the teaching methods used at the renowned Swiss university ECAL. The talk brings together a designer and two ECAL alumni. They discuss learning processes, influences and inspirations – and how to learn to be creative, unconventional, and innovative. The panel will be hosted by design author and curator Anniina Koivu.

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Robotic Architecture and its Materials – Mareike Gast and Matthias Kohler
TALK (DE) | 16 February 2023
6 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Given the breakthroughs in 3D printing and digital manufacturing, what will the future of architecture look like? Matthias Kohler from Gramazio Kohler Research explains how robots can create architecture and why they often use new, sustainable building materials. Industrial designer Mareike Gast’s work and research focus on new materials and technologies. Together they will discuss the future role that new materials produced or processed by robots or other innovative technologies may play in design and architecture.

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The Barragán Lectures #1: Luis Carranza
TALK (EN) | 16 March 2023
6 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Luis Barragán is regarded as one of the most important Mexican architects of the twentieth century. His architectural idiom fused the austere vocabulary of the International Style with vernacular Mexican elements to produce an unmistakable expressiveness all his own. On this occasion, the Vitra Design Museum, in cooperation with the Barragan Foundation, will organise a series of lectures and discussions that will examine Barragán's work from different perspectives and make it more accessible to a broader audience. The first lecture will be given by Luis Carranza, professor of architecture at the Columbia University and the Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, who will present Barragán in the context of Latin American modernism.

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