Product or Propaganda?
Design in Cold War Germany
DIGITAL TALK (EN) | 6 May 2021
6 pm, YouTube

During the era of two divided German states, German design also functioned as a tool of Cold War propaganda. Paul Betts and Jane Pavitt will explore the impacts of the Cold War in Germany, its visibility in »German Design« as well as the similarities in product design between the East and West during its separation, together with Erika Pinner, one of the curators of the exhibition »German Design 1949–1989: Two Countries, One History«. When does Design become a tool of propaganda? What impacts does this have? What was the significance of product design in East and West Germany?

Paul Betts is a professor of Modern European Cultural History with a focus on 20th Century German History at the St Anthony’s College at the University of Oxford. Jane Pavitt is professor of Design and Architectural History at Kingston University London.

The talk will be held in English.

More information about the exhibition here