Living the Postwar Dream:
Homes in East and West Germany
DIGITAL TALK (DE) | 24 June 2021
6 pm, YouTube

The much-maligned Plattenbau housing estates were a coveted residential environment in the former East Germany. In his book »Lütten Klein« (2019), the Berlin  author and sociologist Steffen Mau undertook a detailed, autobiographically influenced study of these environments. The renowned photographer Herlinde Koelbl, a  photographic chronicler of Germany offers in her photo series »The German Living Room« a unique glimpse into the often hidden inner life of the former West  Germany.
Mau and Koelbl discuss East and West from the inside perspective of interiors and everyday life: How did people live? What went on behind the façades? And what role did design play?

The talk will be held in German.
Moderator: Mateo Kries, Director Vitra Design Museum

More information about the exhibition »German Design 1949–1989« here