The City as Garden: Bas Smets
TALK (EN) | 25 May 2023
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Bas Smets is best known for his design for the environs of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, planned for completion in 2027. Since establishing his bureau in Brussels in 2007, he and his team have realised more than fifty projects in as many as twelve different countries. His projects vary in scale from territorial visions to infrastructural landscapes, from large parks to private gardens, from city centres to film sets. Bas Smets has a background in landscape architecture, civil engineering, and architecture. In his talk, he presents some of his projects and explains the importance of green spaces in the city.

Free admission, registration not required

Botany and Building: Julia Watson
DIGITAL TALK (EN) | 6 July 2023
6 pm, YouTube

Julia Watson explores the technologies of indigenous peoples. Her book Lo-TEK: Design by Radical Indigenism presents numerous examples and combines the perspective of design and architecture with traditional knowledge about botany and biodiversity. The Digital Talk adresses how traditional knowledge about botany and nature can enrich our gardens and our lives.

The Barragán Lecture #2: Martin Josephy: Surface, Space, Image
TALK (DE) | 28 September 2023
6:30 pm, Vitra Schaudepot

Luis Barragán is widely regarded as the most important Mexican architect of the twentieth century. His architectural idiom fuses the vocabulary of the International Style with vernacular Mexican elements to produce an expressiveness all his own. The Barragán archive was relocated to the Vitra Design Museum in 2021. A series of talks organised in collaboration with the Barragan Foundation now examines Barragán’s oeuvre from different perspectives. Archive Curator Martin Josephy talks about the affinity of design and photographic representation in the architecture of Luis Barragán.

Free admission, registration not required