Ideas and Information. The Eames Films

30.09.2017 – 25.02.2018

Fire Station

The exhibition in the Fire Station by Zaha Hadid presents an extensive selection of films by Charles and Ray Eames, including works from the Library of Congress archives that are being shown for the first time. In addition to multimedia installations and exhibitions on technology and the natural sciences, the Eameses created more than 100 short films, whose production was a major focus of activity for the Eames Office from the 1960s onward. Initially using film as a means of communicating their works and design concepts, they soon discovered the medium as an ideal platform for disseminating knowledge at the interface of design, art, science and technology. The films allowed them to convey complex relationships in an entertaining and precise manner that appealed to a wide audience. With this exhibition, the cinematic oeuvre of the Eameses is given due recognition for the first time as a key part of their overall work. »Ideas and Information« highlights the significance of Charles and Ray Eames as pioneers of innovative media technologies and new forms of knowledge transmission.