Jorge Pensi

born 1946 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Began his career as a designer in Argentina
1977emigrated to Spain;
acquired Spanish citizenship; cofounder of Grupo Berenguer in Barcelona;
specialized in furniture design, lighting, and exhibition design;
worked for Perobell and other companies in Italy, Germany, Finland, the United States, South America, and Singapore;
1988received an award for the “Toledo” chair from Salon lnternacionál de Diseño para el Habitát, Barcelona; Silver Delta medal from Assoziazione del Disegno Industriale
1994designed the exhibition “Salón lnternacionál de Diseño para eI Habitát”
Jorge Pensi’s designs are produced by Arruti, B.Lux, Cassina, Disform, Driade, IBM, Knoll,
Kusch+Co, SIDI, Thonet and others.