The Maker Library Network

12.06.2015 – 04.10.2015

Vitra Design Museum Gallery

The Maker Library Network is a worldwide association of designers and studios that have embraced maker culture to share their practices, processes and products. Each Maker Library is a combination of three elements: a workplace, a library and a gallery. The library element reflects the theoretical interests and happenings within the workspace. The gallery serves the studios and local community, as well as visitors to the online platform. The exhibition curated by Daniel Charny explains the underlying concept of the global network, and is itself a Maker Library. Projects and objects created across the network are presented together for the first time, inviting visitors to read, observe and participate in the process of making.

Art Week Programme of Activities: 15th – 19th June 2015

Monday 15th June
10am – 12 pm

Heath Nash PET plastic bottles workshop
2pm – 4pm
Thingking - Masks demonstration live link-up

Online Activity : Mask making live link up

Tuesday 16th June
10am – 12pm

GRAS - Himmeli stool making Workshop
Heath Nash - African Loom demonstration

2pm – 4pm
GRAS - Tim Taylor “Wasserturme” matchstick workshop

Online Activity: Skill Swap- Wasserturme matchstick demonstration

Wednesday 17th June
10am – 12pm

Tri Space and Himmelli on Maker Table

Machines Room Tri Space demonstration- Maker Table
Machines Room- Maker Cards demonstration- Maker Table

GRAS Studio – Large himmeli sculpture – external demonstration
Machines Room- Large Tri Space -external demonstration
Heath Nash – African Loom demonstration
Maker Table- Tri Space – All join in

Online: Twitter Interview with Daniel Charny

Thursday 18th June
MAKLAB- Pattern Magic demonstration- Maker Table

Machines Room- Tri Space demonstration – Maker Table

Online: Network-wide Tri Space session

Friday 19th June

MAKLAB- Pattern Magic demonstration
Tri Space and Himmelli on Maker Table

Online: All Maker Libraries to tweet a quote from a book.