The Mechanical Ballet – Theater der Klänge

25 September 2015, 6 pm, Vitra Design Museum

The opening of the exhibition »The Bauhaus #itsalldesign« offers a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating stagecraft of the Bauhaus in one of its rare productions. »The Mechanical Ballet« from 1923 by the Bauhaus students Kurt Schmidt and Georg Teltscher combines art, design, music and theatre into a fascinating artistic synthesis. Abstract figures move to modern music at the intersection of Constructivism, Futurism and Mechanical Theatre. The piece reflects the search for a new society and explores how the then modern machine-oriented world can reorganise forms and movements based on the ideas of the avant-garde. This revival of the ballet was developed in 1987 by the Theater der Klänge in Düsseldorf – from the choreography to the faithfully reconstructed costumes and music. Free admission, registration: